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Cassandra King & the Pretty Pineapple Bead Market Booth

Welcome to Pretty Pineapple Bead, where each and every piece tells a vibrant story of creativity, confidence, and compassion.

 We are more than your average colorful handmade jewelry brand; we are a celebration of self-expression and empowerment with a positive impact.

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Our Story

Picture July 7th, 2017: it was a day filled with a little sparkle, a lot of hopes, and big dreams. On this day, artisan jewelry designer, Cassandra King, established Pretty Pineapple Bead.
Cassandra King
Cassandra pours her heart and soul into designing every single piece of colorful jewelry in her home in St. Paul, Minnesota.
Cassandra King practicing her jewelry design skills
Pretty Pineapple Bead is a manifestation of Cassandra’s passion to bring beauty into the world and empower women. The pineapple is a symbol of welcome, and we want you to feel welcome to express yourself confidently.
Beads by the lake
For the first two years, Cassandra immersed herself in the enchanting world of jewelry design. She experimented with all sorts of fun techniques to create pieces that are unique and inspiring.
Pretty Pineapple Bead Market Booth
In 2019, Cassandra brought her colorful creations to craft shows and began to create magical connections with the local community.
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The challenges of the pandemic became an opportunity for online growth. Learning valuable lessons about transitioning business online, Cassandra laid the foundation for a digital presence.

Gradually, our website was beginning to develop, and our social media channels began to blossom into a colorful community full of confident and empowering women.

Pineapple Earrings

Fast forward to 2021, and we’re back at the craft shows, combining the magic of in-person connections with the reach of our online platforms. We’re spreading joy and positivity everywhere we go!

Cassandra King in the Pretty Pineapple Bead Market Booth

In late 2022, we started to stock an assortment of our fabulous jewelry at Oldies & Goodies, a vintage and artisan boutique in downtown White Bear Lake, Minnesota.

Pretty Pineapple Bead at Oldies & Goodies

We introduced the DIY Bead Bar as an extension of our presence at craft shows in 2022. This interactive experience allowed customers to create their own stretchy bracelets from a variety of colorful beads and charms. It was an absolute hit!

 DIY Bracelet Bar

In 2023, we expanded the DIY experience by offering private parties, where groups could gather to craft together and create unique jewelry pieces.
Beadable Pens
Now in 2024, the DIY Bead Bar continues to evolve. Alongside our stretchy bracelets, we're excited to introduce beadable pens, adding another dimension of creativity to the experience.
Turquoise Beaded Pendant Necklace
Our jewelry travels far and wide. In fact, as of 2024, we have sent our colorful jewelry to 14 different states!
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Our Philosophy

At Pretty Pineapple Bead, we firmly believe that color has the power to boost confidence.

Our community is made up of creative individuals who embrace bright colors and find beauty everywhere they look.

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We celebrate the joy of spending time outdoors, basking in the warmth of the sunshine, and expressing ourselves confidently through fashion.

We stand by the belief that women empowering women is one of the most beautiful aspects in life.
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The Pineapple Effect

But wait, there’s more! We’re not just about making you look and feel amazing – we’re also all about giving back!

That’s why we created The Pineapple Effect, our positive impact program. With this awesome program, we donate 5% of all our sales to different charities every single quarter. The Pineapple Effect reminds us that spreading kindness is what life is all about!
Colorful Stretchy Bracelets
So, what are you waiting for? Pretty Pineapple Bead isn’t just a jewelry brand; it’s a movement of confidence, creativity, and compassion! Join us on this colorful journey, where every piece tells a story, and every purchase makes a real difference. Get ready to shine bright, feel fabulous, and most importantly, feel welcome!
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Explore our vibrant collection of jewelry and become a part of the Pretty Pineapple Bead community today.

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