Wednesday January 12th, 2022

Wednesday January 12th, 2022

We are halfway to Friday.... It's Wednesday!

January 12th, 2022

Welcome to Jewelry Of The Day!

Every day, 2 to 4 pieces of jewelry will be featured here! Every piece featured is available at the time of posting. Supplies are very limited, order your favorites before someone else does! Alrighty, let's jump right on in & check out today's pieces:

Wear whatever you want Wednesdays! Forget the rules, if you like it, wear it!

For today's jewelry feature, I was feeling colorful & the rainbow items were calling my name! I ended up choosing a Rainbow Wrapped Pendant Necklace, the Rainbow Pride Crochet Earrings, and a bright coral Pineapple Stretchy Bracelet. The necklace features a circle pendant frame wrapped with a rainbow mix of seed beads on an 18 inch chain. The earrings are a medium sized hoop with black thread crocheted around it & featuring a rainbow mix of seed beads. And the stretchy bracelet features an pineapple charm surrounded by bright coral & silver seed beads.

The Rainbow Wrapped Pendant Necklace features a circle pendant frame wrapped with a rainbow mix of seed beads. The necklace chain is approximately 18 inches in length. This is the perfect necklace to add a pop of color to your outfit!

The Rainbow Pride Crochet Earrings feature silver & rainbow seed beads crocheted around hoop earrings with black thread. The hoops measure approximately 35 mm.

This Pineapple Stretchy Bracelet features a pineapple charm surrounded by two strands of bright coral & silver seed beads. This bracelet is made with stretchy elastic. The best fit would be for 6 - 7 inch wrists.

Happy Wednesday! Forget the fashion "rules" and wear whatever you want!
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